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2015 1st WLCF
Here are the speakers of The 1st World Leaders' Conservation Forum.
  • NameDaniel Simberloff
  • NationalityUnited States of America
  • OrganizationUniversity of Tennessee
  • TitleNancy Gore Hunger Professor of Environmental Science

Professional Background

1977.7.~1986.4. Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor- Florida State University
1978.9.~1997.7. Professor - Florida State University
1968.2.~1968.6. Teaching Fellow - Harvard University
International Association for Ecology 1994
Eminent Ecologist Award, Ecological Society of America 2006

Connor E.F. & Simberloff D. 1979. You can't falsify ecological hypotheses without data.
Bull. Ecol. Soc. Amer. 60: 154-155.
Lockwood J.L., Simberloff D., McKinney M.L. & von Holle B. 2001.
How many, and which, plants will invade natural areas? Biol. Invasions 3: 1-8.
Mack R.N., Simberloff D., Lonsdale W.M., Evans H., Clout M. & Bazzaz
F.A. 2000. Biotic invasions: causes, epidemiology, global consequences, and control. Ecol. Appl.
10: 689-710.


A. B. Harvard College ? 1964 (magna cum laude)
Ph. D. (Biology) Harvard University ? 1969

Introduction of the Organization

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