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2015 1st WLCF
Here are the speakers of The 1st World Leaders' Conservation Forum.
  • NameDonguk Han
  • NationalityRepublic of Korea
  • OrganizationNational Institute of Ecology (NIE)
  • TitleExecutive Director

Professional Background

2013.1.~2014.12. Sub-chair of IUCN committee - Ecological Society of Korea
2010.9.~2013.10. Member of committee - The Committee of Provincial Park in Gyeonggi-do
2009.12~2013.12 Executive Director - Korea Society of Conservation Biology
2007.1.~2011.11 Member of committee - National central coastal consultation committee
2005.1.~2013.10 Director General / CTO - PGA Wetland Ecology Institute
1998.7.~2013.10 Deputy Chairman - ECO Korea


Ph.D. Seoul National University

Introduction of the Organization

The National Institute of Ecology (NIE) is a facility for ecological research, exhibitions, and education, allowing visitors to learn about five major climate types?tropical, desert, mediterranean, temperate and polar?as well as the ecology of the Korean Peninsula. NIE also offers visitors a glimpse into a wide range of animals and plants inhabiting those areas.

Committed to contributing to environmental preservation and raising environmental awareness, NIE offers various opportunities for the public to experience and learn about ecology while leading domestic and overseas research in this field as a way to increase the national competitiveness.

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