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The World Leaders' Conservation Forum, which was decided to be held on regular basis at 2012 World Conservation Congress through the Jeju Declaration, will bring together experts and leaders from all sectors of society to discuss and seek creative, nature-based solutions to global environment, economic and social challenges for shaping a sustainable future.

Under the theme, "Together for a sustainable future", the World Leaders' Conservation Forum 2018 will deliberate on important issues that need to be addressed: the need for cooperation and harmonization for the sustainable use of natural resources, the role of conservation as a peace keeping/peace building instrument beyond national boundaries, and the need to empower the next generations in an effort for a more sustainable planet. To formulate more concrete resolutions that will lead to more sustainable world, we eagerly await your participation and appreciate your attention.

We cordially invite you and hope to see you in Jeju to be part of this growing and much needed effort.

  • Kim Eunkyung, Minister
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Republic of Korea
  • Won Heeryong, Governor
  • Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
  • Republic of Korea
  • Inger Andersen, Director General
  • IUCN

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