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Leaders' Dialogues

Leaders' Dialogue 3 (16:00 - 17:30)


Emerging conservation and community leaders will be involved in discussion striving to create more sustainable future to empower and engage with next generations.

  • NameHui-Ryong Won
  • NationalityRepublic of Korea
  • OrganizationJeju Special Self-Governing Province
  • TitleGovernor

Professional Background

-2018 The 7th Governor, Simultaneous local elections (Jeju Special Self-Governing Province)
-2014 The 6th Governor, Simultaneous local elections (Jeju Special Self-Governing Province)
-2010 Chairperson (Foreign Affairs, Trade and Unification Committee, National Assembly)
-2008 The 18th National Assembly member (Yangcheon-gu, Seoul)
-2004 The 17th National Assembly member (Yangcheon-gu, Seoul)


-M.A. New media, Graduate school of Journalism & Mass communication, Hanyang University
-B.A. in Public Law, Seoul National University

Introduction of the Organization

On August 1, 1946, the Jeju Provincial Government was promoted to Jeju Island, and the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province was established in July 2006. As of June 2006, it is a metropolitan municipality and local administrative agency that has jurisdiction over 2 cities 7 eup, 5 wards, 31 wards and 3 branch offices. The main objective is on activating the local economy, expanding the tourism industry base, fostering the environmentally friendly primary industry, preserving the clean natural environment, stabilizing the lives of the common people, realizing participatory autonomy, promoting culture, arts and sports.

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