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Leaders' Dialogues

Leaders' Dialogue 1 (10:00 - 11:30)


Latest concepts and incentives available to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources will be presented and discussed.

  • NameEun-Kyoung Kim
  • NationalityRepublic of Korea
  • Organizationthe Ministry of Environment
  • Titlethe Minister

Professional Background

-2017.07-Present the Minister of Environment (the Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea)
-2017.05-2017.06 Member of the Social Department (State Affairs Planning advisory committee)
-2010.10-2017.06 the President (Sustainability Center Jiwoo)
-2006.03-2008.02 the Secretary for Sustainable Development (the Presidential Secretariat.)
-2006.03-2008.02 Head of Operative planning (Sustainable Development Committee)
-2004.08 the Secretary for Civil complaint suggestion (the Presidential Secretariat.)


-Ph.D in Digital management, graduate school of Korea University
-M.A. in Urban administration, graduate school of University of Seoul
-B.A. in Management, Korea University

Introduction of the Organization

The Ministry of Environment is responsible for the establishment and enforcement of various basic plans and mid- and long-term comprehensive plans related to environmental preservation, education and public relations activities for environmental protection so that all citizens can enjoy a healthy and pleasant life by preventing environmental pollution and damage, and managing and preserving environment appropriately and sustainably. Furthermore, it is a central administrative agency whose main objective is to contribute to the preservation of the global environment and to preserve the only planet, Earth.

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