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Leaders' Dialogues

Leaders' Dialogue 2 (14:00 - 15:30, Tamna Hall A)


A wide array of conservation efforts that go beyond borders including transboundary cooperation through peace parks, wildlife trafficking, water management or climate change, etc. will be presented and discussed.

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  • NameJae-Cheon Choi
  • NationalityRepublic of Korea
  • OrganizationThe Biodiversity Foundation
  • TitlePresident

Professional Background

-2013-Present the President (The Biodiversity Foundation)
-2013-2016 the head (National Institute of Ecology)
-2013-2014 the director of ecology science research institute (Ewha Womans University
-2007 Co-president (Korean Federation For Environmental Movement)
-2007-2008 President (The Ecological Society Of Korea)


-Ph.D in biology, graduate school of Harvard University
-Master degree in ecology, graduate school of University of Pennsylvania
-Bachelor's degree in zoology, Seoul National University

Introduction of the Organization

The biodiversity foundation is a public service foundation established to support research on life and the environment and to understand and solve natural and environmental problems correctly based on science.
By supporting research on animals and the environment, the foundation aims to foster the environmental knowledge and sensitivity of citizens and adolescents, and further promote creative practices and the right lifestyle for nature.

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