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Side Events

3 October 2018 (Wed) Four side events will be held in the afternoon, with each meeting being held simultaneously in a different room.
A few of them will feature a presentation and panel discussion on issues related to the theme of the forum.

Side Events 1 (3 October, 09:00 - 17:00) Organizer UNITAR CIFAL Jeju , Thimphu City, SNUAC, Jeju Olle, GTC

Strengthen partnership between ROK and Bhutan for Local development

Bhutan is the first country in the world to declare Gross National Happiness into national planning. It is one of countries environmentally friendly as well as developing itself toward a sustainable way. Even though national capacity of economic development is not enough to catch up developing countries, the importance of national priority ‘Happiness’ has never been diminished in the process of national planning for the country. Sustainable development goals are derived from the idea of quality of life for all human beings. Therefore, Bhutan’s GNH seems to be reviewed worldwide. The terms of ‘Poor but Happy’ has been stimulating all the developing countries so it is relevant for Korean to monitor the development process compared to the Korea’s experiences of rapid economic social development and exchange knowledge and experience between Korea and Bhutan.

Program item Participants
  • Walking trail; or the Foot path plan / Design
  • Research based Development needs
  • Strategic approach for partnership among stake-holders
  • Green Technology Case : waste managements & Air Pollutions
  • Community Development
  • Academic Cooperation for Sustainable Development
  • Chouljin An(UNITAR CIFAL Jeju)
  • Minseok Jang(UNITAR CIFAL Jeju)
  • Sungkyu Kim (Seoul National University Asia Center, SNUAC)
  • Eunjoo An (Jeju Olle) -tbc
  • Jihwan Kim(Green Technology Center) - tbc
  • Jeongin Kim(Jungang University) -tbc

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