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Technical Sessions

3 October 2018 (Wed) Five meetings of experts will be held. Two meetings will be held in each of the morning and afternoon session, with each meeting being held simultaneously in a different room. Each meeting will feature a presentation and panel discussion on issues related to the dialogues of the forum.

Technical Session 1 (09:00 - 12:00, Halla Hall A) OrganizerKorea National Park Service, Ministry of Environment, Jeju Special Self‐Governing Province, IUCN

Harmonizing the management of multi-internationally designated areas

This technical session will assess the management challenges and benefits of areas with multiple international designations, with an emphasis on the complementarities and synergies that multiple designations can offer. And it will propose streamlined solutions towards the harmonised management of such sites, while keeping the specific profiles for which an area has been Ramsar, World Heritage, Biosphere Reserve and/or Global Geopark listed. As a case study, it will analyse the unique perspective and experience of Jeju Island on being a MIDA.
The session will also discuss the leadership expectations brought on by multiple designations, the role of international cooperation in supporting these important sites, and potential future actions on the subject promoted by the Republic of Korea and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, among other pertinent topics. Finally, it will capture and relay to the Leaders’ Dialogue a range of key challenges and opportunities centred on MIDAs. World Leaders will be challenged to suggest concrete ways to achieve cooperation, peace and sustainability through more effective harmonised management and promotion of MIDAs. And more importantly, how such ideas can be taken up through the existing modalities of the four international designations.

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