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TOGETHER FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Since the conservation movement first took shape in the 1800s, a litany of contemporary arguments for conserving the natural world has been provided, from economic (protecting forests for wood) to spiritual (preserving places that stir the soul) to scientific (safeguarding biological systems). International targets have been set, countries around the world have committed to them, pledges have been made, progress has been measured, successes have been widely advertised. Since its creation, 70 years ago, IUCN has been both a witness and a promoter of the advances the world has made in terms of sustainability, pioneering many of the current conservation tools and methods (not to mention most of the international agreements currently in place) and providing cutting-edge knowledge for a bold step to be taken to conserve our natural heritage. Yet, sustainability still sounds as a fragile concept the world is afraid to embrace. Great progress has been made, more and more organisations, from international to local levels, are actively working towards a more sustainable future, but the weakest link in the array of our societies’ choices, the one we are more inclined to give up on in case of trouble, is always sustainability. How can an enhanced, coordinated approach to sustainability be achieved, so that we make it part of our DNA ? What kind of future do we want to shape, together, for the next generations? What do we want History to remember us for?

The WLCF2018 will provide a space for experts and leaders from all sectors of society, including Governments, business, civil society and academia, to discuss and seek creative solutions for shaping a sustainable future together. During two days of technical sessions and high-level debates, the WLCF2018 will explore the idea of working together, in a coordinated way, for a sustainable planet through three main angles: sustainable use, conservation beyond borders, and empowering the next generations, with the objective to inspire and incite people around the world to take concrete actions to define the blueprint of our common sustainable future. The WLCF2018 will provide a venue to both acknowledge progress made over the last 70 years (and beyond) and to pave the road for a sustainable future.

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